Our training programs – both Technology based training and non-Technology based – help to build teacher’s competencies in the use of technology, technological tools and products, modern pedagogies, dynamics of learning, upskilling and alternate education strategies.

The landscape of education is changing globally. The role of a school is getting redefined and they are functioning differently. With the schools’ operating mode changing, expectations from the teachers have also changed accordingly. Globalization has created multicultural classrooms, inclusive classrooms, technology empowered classrooms. Pre-service teacher education cannot be expected prepare teachers to put up with all the challenges they will face throughout their careers. So, it is only appropriate to provide teachers with opportunities for professional development to ensure curriculum delivered is of high quality. Under these circumstances, Training and capacity building are an integral part of effective implementation of curriculum. Looking at the dynamic nature of today’s education, it is essential for all teachers to undergo training in emerging pedagogies and in the use of technology.
It also provides to enrich teaching process and to evaluate such enriched curriculum content,Teachers are scaffolded for integrating and embedding emerging, unfamiliar approaches of teaching and use new tools of technology in their lessons. For successful implementation of such a robust and technology infused digital content, teacher’s motivation and commitment is paradigm. 
Continuous teacher training helps to :
Update core subject knowledge
Build up on their skills – life skills, attitudes, values, soft skills, technology skills, language to match the requirements of the future. Empower teachers to implement and apply the changes to their curriculum.


If technology is to be used by students, then teachers must possess the confidence, understanding, and skills to effectively incorporate technology into their teaching practices. This will only occur by providing adequate training and development of teachers.

When teachers effectively integrate technology into subject areas, teachers grow into roles of facilitator, content expert, and coach. Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun!


Our training ensures teachers can use our lessons to their best advantage, ultimately making them better facilitators.

Active- learning strategies in our training helps to enrich teachers to acquire new skills of pedagogy and technology to enhance their teaching to deliver superior curriculum. 

Our training is continuous and includes training, constructive feedback and adequate support after training.

Teachers are scaffolded for integrating and embedding emerging, unfamiliar approaches of teaching and use new tools of technology in their lessons.


4 hours Training @599

2 Days Orientation: The aim is to develop teacher’s awareness about the processes and application of technology in education.

Need assessment: Our training modules are developed on the basis of a need analysis.  

Enhancement session: Sessions are customised to suit the requirements of trainees based on the observations made in the need analysis.