With over 110 Years of Cumulative rich Edu experience of the founders of this unique company, Empowered Minds Edu Solutions Private Limited stands apart from the crowd. With over 50 years of Industry torch bearing experience, we have a rich business knowledge and expertise .


Dr Latha Murthy

B.A, M.A, B.Ed., PGDPPE, PPTTC (Ph.D.)

With a rich 38 years of expertise and experience in teaching, academics, administration,
management, training, curriculum development and leading of schools, Dr. Latha Murthy is the
torch bearer of this company. She has rich experience in Preschool, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE & IB
Her strengths include: collaborative leadership, strategic planning, empowering educators to
develop their leadership and instructional skills, independent academic program development in
technology, academic coordination and leadership in community and pedagogical programs, and
identification / implementation of organizational programs. She fosters strong working
relationships with local and school communities and facilitate integration of initiatives designed
to enhance the school environment and admissions.
Dr. Latha Murthy is a logical and critical thinker and has the ability to solve the problem quickly
and efficiently with a good communication skills and management ability.
With her noble leadership the company strives to achieve greater heights.


Dr. Radha Singh

FOUNDER Director – Academics M.A, M .Ed, Ph.D.

Dr. RADHA, is a Transformational Leadership Developer, engaged in empowering young adults to help
them become confident individuals and mindful leaders. She is also an Education Coach, Mentor and an
all-around “sounding board” for School heads, Managements, Teachers and Education Business owners.
Her main focus is to make them Transformational Leaders. She has gained reputation of being an
‘Influencer’ due to demonstrated confidence of topical knowledge and wisdom.
Dr. Radha Singh, an accomplished and a dynamic Educationist and a ‘Mentor Extraordinaire’. Her
illustrious career spans 37 years. Having secured a PhD in Education and Training, she has been very
passionately involved in setting up schools, Transforming schools, empowerment/ training and
professional development of faculty, student empowerment – ultimately raising the school’s
educational level. Excellent Leadership and Interpersonal Skills, good organizational Skills and her ability
to motivate and mobilize large teams has kept her in good stead in implementing educational policies.
She had been actively involved in developing curriculum for various organizations.
Being endowed with self-drive, passion, and being a keen observer, Dr Radha, a woman of great
originality and grit is blessed with ability to make use of her the life experiences.


Dr. B. Gayethri Devi

Director CONSULTANT – Academics
BA, B.Ed, M.A, M.Ed, M.Phil, PhD

Dr. B. Gayethri Devi was the Executive Committee member of the Association of Schools for the Indian  School Certificate Examination. She was the Secretary & Treasurer for the Karnataka Association of ICSE  Schools having a membership of over 300 member schools. 

Achievements and Awards: 

  • Recipient of the Derozio Award one of the highest honors bestowed upon by the CISCE Board for  exemplary service in school education and human enrichment.  
  • ARA Memorial Award – 2014 In recognition of outstanding leadership and exemplary service to the  Institution. 

Experience and Work profile: 

  • Have over 25 years of academic and administrative experience in India and abroad with reputed  schools, colleges and universities.  
  • Worked in Prestigious Institutions like ABBAC and Huaichav Chalamprakit University at Bangkok and for  the Ministry of Education in the Sultanate of Oman. 
  • Was the President of the Association of School for the Indian School Certificate Examinations – National  Chapter 2009. 
  • Was the Vice President of the Association of School for the Indian School Certificate Examinations – National Chapter 2008. 
  • Has been the Convener for the Golden Jubilee Conference of the Association of the Schools for the  Indian School Certificate Examinations Principals’ Meet in 2007.