Why this Symposium?

This is the “Need” of the HOUR! There has been lot of institutions who are not technologically advanced…and are not able to decide on what, which & how to adapt to Digital Technology Implementation! To bring an eye opener before it gets too late, this event is all about!!This Symposium is for PAN INDIA Owners of Schools and Principals of K12 institutions. We are expecting around 200 institutions to participate. We need your presence to ensure that our education is taken in all our Govt. Schools and also in our private institutions. Empowered Minds will stand by the government to help in bringing the change required to become a 21st century learning for all education.

Empowered Minds Edu Solutions company is connected with more than 20,000 schools in India. We have more than 120 years cumulative edutech in this industry. We have been conducting edu related events across PAN India. All the team members in our organization have many years of educational expertise and top directors are retired school principals.