Our Manufacturing Unit


White paper made from the tree pulp is one of the chief reasons of deforestation. Each ton of such virgin pulp paper takes around 3500 kgs of wood from 17 trees, 35-40,000 litres of water and 2500 units of power along with other more harmful carbon footprint like GHG, etc. A 100% recycled paper was always a sought after product , but plagued with issues such as smell, colour, surface smoothness, dust and high costs, most of which has been addressed in our avatar of ethical paper.

A few of the products are listed below :

  • Ethical Copier Papers
  • Pads, books, Wiro books and Diaries
  • School Notebooks
  • Answer sheets
  • Registers
  • Envelopes
  • Files
  • Helper Sheets / Paper Cubes
  • Flip-Chart Sheets
  • Visiting Cards
  • Calendars
  • Eco friendly Gift Wrappers
  • Eco friendly Note Book Wrapper
  • Disposable Coasters
  • Gift Envelopes


The daily consumption of all tissues &napkins including toilet paper needs around 78000 trees to be cut globally. Our tree free Ecopact paper napkins & toilet paper range are made with recycled industrial Kraft paper waste and can mitigate this to a large extent. It is unbleached and hence the light brown colour, thus saving huge amount of water for the earth as well.

A few of the products are listed below :

  • Ecopact Toilet Paper
  • Ecopact Napkins
  • Ecopact M fold paper
  • JRT Rolls
  • HRT Rolls
  • Kitchen Towels


Disposable plastic pens are a menace to marine life while also populating the landfills in abundance. While pencils are more eco-friendly , they are made from wood. The Ecopact range of Sustainable writing instruments are made with various kinds of recycled paper. While the refills are still made from plastic, the outer cover is paper and can be used without a guilt of landfill littering.

A few of the products are listed below :

  • Recycled Paper Pencils
  • News Paper Pencils
  • Brown Paper Pencils
  • Rainbow Paper Pencils
  • Colour Lead Pencils
  • Seed Paper Pencil
  • Seed Paper Pen


While the metal, reusable cutlery are the most possible eco-friendly option, the convenience of the disposable cutlery has made it a mainstay item in commercial establishments, though not thankfully at home. Plastics with its various economic, product and production virtues seems to be an alternative, but its mammoth impact on marine life is often ignored. Hence the need of eco-friendly disposable cutlery that composts over a period, where wood is a good alternative and the world is waking up to it.

A few of the products are listed below :

  • Toothpicks
  • Fruit Fork
  • Stirrers
  • Birchwood Spoons
  • Birchwood Knives
  • Birchwood Forks
  • Party Pack


These two categories probably is one of the biggest reasons for trash and litter that lingers around in environment, creating havoc. We offer eco-friendly packing and packaging material that is in tune with our central theme of “practical sustainability”, bringing in functionality, economy & aesthetics to your packing and packaging.

A few of the products are listed below :

  • Corrugated Carton boxes / Trays
  • Shredded Corrugated Sheets
  • Paper Tapes
  • Bioplastic Laminated Films


There is very little doubt that while plastic is an evil when discarded, the one-time use plastics are the Godzilla of modern day pollution and landfill issues. Reach out to us for a range of cost effective and eco-friendly alternatives made of paper, Kraft Paper, cloth and Jute.

A few of the products are listed below :

  • Paper Bags Paper Shopping Bags, Paper Covers
  • Cloth bags
  • Jute Bags


The exciting world of Corporate gifts is in an eternal search for finding gifts that are utilitarian, innovative and cost effective. With the background of this context, we present a range of eco-friendly gifts that are thoughtfully curated to add some element of eco-friendliness. While many of these are manufactured inhouse, we have also included a few outsourced but unique products that can truly make a statement – which your gift is supposed to.

More importantly, we have a range of packaging options so that even the unboxing experience is with a go-green feel.

While you could select from any of the above items and pack them as a gift, we also have a list of items that can be included for your gift. Obviously the list is ever growing and we can present a more exhaustive list based on your budget, occasion, quantity and other specifications.

A few of the products are listed below :

  • Bamboo Speakers
  • Bamboo Speakers with pen stand